7. I Got a Call

7. I Got a Call

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I got a call from a guy who said, “I’ve just finished your first three books. I am going to write a review…” and I here, I interrupted him.

“Positive or negative?” I asked.

Very positive,” he said, “but I think,”  and here he lowered his voice, “you are nuts.” There was a silence. “Has anyone ever said that to you?”

“No,” I said, “but I’ve been waiting.” I asked him his favorite character. I do this to test them.

“Farson, of course, but then who? Is that what you mean?”

That was a perfect answer, and continued the conversation. Response assured. This guy was good. “Exactly,” I said.

“Well then that IS a tough one. I would have to say Karina, or any of the women. They are awesome, especially Valgary (sorry, Felicity), and Brittany. Wonderwomen really. Then there’s ID>>Karo28689, Ida Marie Rothschild, and Idy, how could I choose just one of those?”

I was getting the drift. So I thought of a hard one for him. “Whatever happened to the blue orb?” There was a long silence.

“It has to be one of two things: either you forgot about it in the plot, or it’s still coming back somewhere we don’t know about yet.” I could tell he wanted me to solve the mystery.

“Does Farson die?” I asked.

“Inconclusive. He’ s still alive.” With this I knew he was a  true reader.

“You are as nuts as I am.”

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