Published and unpublished

Poetry ——————————-

I. First Poems (1967-1974)
II. No Place To Wash Our Hands (1975)
III. The Ballad of Hayden Brown (1975)
IV. And Is Mine One? (1976)
V. Go Forth Companionless (1976)
VI. July Poems (1976)
VII. Self Poems (1977)
VIII. Touch & Eddy (1977)
IX. Forty Days, Forty Nights (1982-1990)
X. Untitled Poems (1987)
XI. Pencil Poems, Fading Poems (1987)
XII. Untitled Poems II (1993)
XIII. Songs (compiled 1994)
XIV. Spoondrifting (2001)
XV. Working Poems (2001-2002)
XVI. Welkin Blush (2002-2004)
XVII. Selected Poems: A Chrestomathy (2003)
XVIII. Poems/2005
XIX. Poems/2006
XX. Poems/2007
XXI. Poems/2008-2009
XXII. Poems/2010
XXIII. Poems/2011-2012
XXIV. Poems/2013
XXV. Pathetic Poems (2014)
XXVI. Pathetic Poems 2 (2016)
XXVII. Time Running Out (2017)
XXVIII. It’s Our Turn To Die (2018)
XXIX. Recrudescence (2019)
XXX. Last Poems (2020)

Short Stories ——————————-

The Last Remains (1972)
Abyss (1973)
Waiting For The Truth (1975)
Wish You Were Here (1978)
Iznaya (1979)
Kill Zone (1979, updated 2002)
Zachary Doane and The Cat Who Came In From The Cold (1987)
Ratworld (2003)

The ScreenMaster Novels —————

The Rise of Farson Uiost (1992/2014)
Sargasso (2015)
The Dreams of Ida Rothschild (2016)
I’ll Ask Her in the Morning (1972/2018)
The World of Nor (2019)
The Battle of Emerald Earth (2020)
The Universe of Man (2022)
The ScreenKeepers (2023)
Walking on Emerald Earth (TBA)

Nonfiction ——————————-
(Availabilities on

Essays, blogs and comments
Magazine articles
Dear Rebecca: Letters from Vietnam

W. Mahlon Purdin lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Joy Hooper Purdin. They have a grown daughter, Blythe.

He has written poetry, prose, and essays for many years. His eclectic career in advertising and copywriting has been nurtured by a wide variety of interests in extreme sports, music, and exploration.

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