Before you begin

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This “blog” assumes that you have already acquired the information contained in all three volumes of the original trilogy: “The Rise of Farson Uiost,” “Sargasso,” and “The Dreams of Ida Rothschild.” Some of the details that were implied or implicit in those three novels are expanded and revealed here. This blog is intended for the serious reader who understands what was intended in the first three volumes of the ScreenMaster universe when I wrote them. For example, there are some elements of human nature that are ascendant over others. But which ones are they? The raging avarice of want and power, or the guiding brilliance of knowledge’s abundance and eternality? Security versus freedom? Me or us? By the time you begin reading this, a choice should have been made. If it has been, then … welcome to Emerald Earth. If the decision has not been yet reached, then please remember, that, for you, the truths of Emerald Earth may not yet be unveiled.

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