Characters and Other Descriptions

Abrachan L’koane. A deep Emer who lives in an underground structure far out in the fields of Emerald Earth. There is no evidence of his home from above. Visits there are by invitation only. He is one of the original Emers. He is a philosopher.

Aminhya Rouxx. The Nor messenger (pronounced, AH-Ma-Knee-Ya, Roose). His starship is named Veil.

Aristealia. The name means “courageous surrender.” The panet has one city, Lesnealia, and is considered to be the most beautiful of all known planets. Its single land mass, Rilievon (ril-a-von), is an island continent, roughly twice the size of Australia. The great surrounding sea, Cornu, is composed of the finest water known anywhere, outside of Emerald Earth. The planet has a very large population of beings who live very long lives. Approximately three billion Aristealians live on the planet.

Ataraxis. The Uiosts’ home on Emerald Earth, near the Butte of Decision, in sight of the Rocky Mountains. I52:194, I88:371

Azure. The first planet counterclockwise from Emerald Earth’s berth. A water planet. Its people is known as the Azur (pronounced A-zur), sometimes as Asurs.

Ban Jonsn. Founder of the Sker nation. 1957-2075

Belnad Goethe. The leader of the Emer Council, a titular post. He has flowing brown hair and green eyes. Likes soft ambers and greens in his clothing. He saved Ian Jordan’s life and is Te-Moak Shoshone’s partner.

Benjamin Franklin Smith. Third-in-command of SkyKing.

Berg. The people are know as Bergers.

Brittany Peterson. Luxuriant auburn hair, long and thick. Five feet, six.

Catherine Peters. She is from Fairfield, Connecticut, had three brothers, a strawberry blonde.

• Chagan Caan. [pronounced shay-GAHN-kah-own].

ChainFoods. The basic formula is managed and manipulated by “re-assembler” technology. The origination of ChainFoods is explained, partially, in the meeting and subsequent love affair of Tom and Catherine Jacobson, and in F119:339, the story of their death.

Chanel Tuperstein. Karina’s roommate at Indiana University.

Clara Townsend. “Mrs. Handy” and mother of Clara.

The Combing. 80 generations, 2,000 years.

CT<<Dinsil2371. The oldest of the active robots, CT<<Dinsil2371, is also the star of I’ll Ask Her in the Morning. Among the many glimpses offered into his human life in this series is the crushing of his father in a construction crane accident, which he witnessed as a small boy. I71:279
David Jonathan Loeb. (I41) The shadchan’s selected, and rejected, husband for Ida Marie Rothschild.

David Uiost. Farson’s father, died two days after his son was born.

• Duncan Slagton. A former old Earth prisoner in a supermax prison, serving multiple lifetime sentences for mass murder plus rape, child rape, and torture. He is an example of the cleansing aspect of Farson’s stasis, showing the reader some of what actually happened to the others in those 6,500 years of suspension. He was one of the last to appear on Edge, perhaps because his healing took longer.

• Echo. The third planet counterclockwise from Emerald Earth’s berth in Sargasso. Agathe, leader, Priorate Curiae; Appollonia, Rector; Kleona, Abbot; Erudicius, Tychnori. A planet of islands. Tyrrhennia is its main, or portal island. Known as “the planet of scholars.” The people are known as Echoes.

Edge. The second planet counterclockwise from Emerald Earth’s berth in Sargasso. Princesse Douherty Defilger presiding. Capital city is Senter Apronia. The people are known as Edgers.

Emerald Earth. This designation was declared when the last Earth-born person had left. Although, the “Emerald Earth Era” (E.E.) began in 2091, the new planet was not declared until much later in stasis. The Thunder Waters of Onjagra, the Great Canyon, the Hidden Ocean, and the Transport Station are just some of the wonders of Emerald Earth. The Emerald Earth Tower is the citadel of Emer education and discovery.

Emerald Earth 2. This planet was discovered and moved sometime after the reappearance of Emerald Earth in 2098/6500. A secret project, the reforming and establishment of EE2, rivaled the Skers’ solar sails in its confidential nature. The Emers’ secret name for the project was “Arcanum.”

Emers. People born on Emerald Earth.

Erudicius. Tychnori of Edge and, ultimately, a wife of Gerald Antonoff. She became known as “The Speaker for the Others.”

Essor. The designation for the race of Essors and for their cherished planet. It is a cold, dark planet beneath the surface, and that is where the Essors all lived before the fall of Twill. In due course, they began to emerge again onto the surface. Their first surface city was called Twilora, in honor of their disgraced, but ultimately rehabilitated first ScreenMaster. The four moons of Essor are an interesting study in themselves. One of them is one of Ida’s favorite places.

Esther Huldah DeWitt. Ida Marie Rothschild’s second daughter.

• Farson. Born in Ohio. Named ScreenMaster of Earth at age 28.

Farson’s strategy. Best explained at F121: 360-362.

Felicity and Valgary. Happiness and sacrifice. Peace and trial. Joy and faith. Born February 4, 2099 C.E. at 12:01 a.m. and 12:09 a.m. There is no known record of who came first, except their parents’ memory. Felicity was usually happy. Valgary was the explorer and wonder worker. Felicity took after Karina, Valgary after her father. Felicity could be bossy and opinionated; Valgary was thoughtful and agreeable. Felicity preferred to stay in one place or maybe two or three favorites. Valgary was only happy on the move, never too long in one place. They were both born on Emerald Earth, although Karina became pregnant on SkyKing.

Geheinneons. First encounter, F85, I27. G1-10987890: Insertion date: 8919451

Gerald Antonoff. From Moscow, where he was born, he had come to SkyKing, age 24, selected for his navigational skills and command of English. Both of his parents were in the Russian army. He had been aboard for six years, and on duty in the bridge of SkyKing, when old Earth disappeared.

Handy Townsend. Born on Oran, a planet that destroyed itself under Twill’s watchful eye, Handy was the first ScreenMaster. He could not save his own planet. He came to Earth long before the appearance of Farson Uiost. He lived anonymously among human beings for centuries. His name in Oranian meant “adroit encounter,” but Twill’s mispronunciation rendered it “Tow-say-shand,” or translated to the insulting Oranian word for “to own sand,” or “useless laborer.” Handy liked the sound and adopted the transliterated name,  once he got to Earth, “Townsend.” I61:244:. It was CT<<Dinsil2371 who stood beside him on Oran at the planet’s end. His legacy is ScreenMaster instauration. His becoming a ScreenMaster involved his receiving the powers of an entire race. I65:257 is the story of Handy.

Hattie. Still alive and living in Indianapolis during volume one, she was Farson’s true mother. Her love and teachings framed his beginnings and taught him how to love.

Ian Jordan. Born around 6485 E.E. (F82)

ID>>Karo28689 / 28690. Ida Marie Rothschild as a Robo sapiens. When she tilts her head and slightly raises her hands, she is laughing.

Ida Katherine DeWitt. Ida Marie’s oldest daughter.

IS>>Malo36360. The Robo sapiens daughter of ID>>Karo28689 and Gerald Antonoff. Sometimes referred to as, “Isy.”

James Peterson. On-station SkyKing Commander.

Joan Falcony Peterson. Died saving another during the WhorlSix construction.

John Andrew McKinley Sortt. “Andy” is one of Farson’s closest friends. They met in volume one. He was elected president of the United States of America in 2088, five years before the ScreenMasters arrived. Briefly, he became the first and only president of the United States of Earth. He always ran for office with a ferociousness and determination to win, but in office he was liberal, benevolent, and always watching out for the little guy and the general good. He was born in 2040 in Beaufort, South Carolina. He had been a fine high school swimmer who set records, an erratic student with flashes of brilliance. At first he was skeptical about Farson, but working together changed that. The conversations between Farson and Andrew appear in all of the ScreenMaster novels. He is still considered the leader of Emerald Earth, despite the Emers’ preeminence and power. It is the Emers who insist on it. At the beginning of Sargasso he was nearing 7,000 years old, due to the time in stasis and his travels in time. In some ways he is the only old Earther still alive. Certainly, he was, in the beginning, the only human being on Emerald Earth who had not transitioned to Emer and was never in stasis. He had been twice married, once with a son and, then later, a daughter, the second time with the love of his life. Both marriages were passionate, but failed. He was one of the original champions for the rebuilding of a space station. In the time after the ScreenMasters arrived, he initially seemed to be siding with Twill. In the first years of stasis he had wandered the Earth, alone. During this long period he found love again, and that’s a story that will be told, and reset his life in new directions.

Karina. A blonde. She is tallish, statuesque, tends to wear her hair in ponytails of varying types; she has penetrating eyes, and a keen intellect. Brought up in the conservative midwest, ties to New England. Had only had one relationship in her life: Farson Uiost. Born in 2065 in Bangor, Maine, she and her parents moved to SkyKing when she was five (2069). Her parents were killed in 2071, February 15. The story of her parents’ death is told at F:124, “Karina’s Dream.”

Katy Townsend. Handy’s daughter, born on Range.

Long John Hanson Silver. Second-in-command of the Moon.

Mary Uiost. Farson’s biological mother. Died in birth.

Moon, Cities of the: (in order of construction) New Chicago, Memphis, Bangor, Omaha, Paris, Mumbai, SkyCity, and Apennine.

Moon, Whorls of the: They are always written out WhorlOne, WhorlTwo and so on. AlphaWhorl is without number as shown.
• The Nor. When they speak, it is always telepathically, as in ^They are alerting me.^ This is very different from the Emers’s systems, hence the styling. The Nor are similar in some ways to the Emers, but in others very, very different.

• The Others. The 10.4 billion people alive on Earth at the time of stasis activation.
  The Other Others. The Geheinneons.

Panau t’ul’Dak. The ScreenMaster of Essor.

• Pelagic City. Mayor Intride Salitrobe, “Intri.”

The “Planet of Troubles” was Farson’s first test as a ScreenMaster. He used the circumstance to test his plan to defeat the ScreenMasters and save Earth’s people.

The six planets of Sargasso: in order from Azure, Edge Echo, Range, Berg, and Wild. There are additional “slots” for Emerald Earth (replaced by Essor) and Aristealia. Four of the “six planets” have one city, one has two, and one has none. Each of the planets are visited by SkyKing in Ida, with descriptions offered there. Approximately 1.6 billion people per planet. )1.6×6=9.6

Range. Its capital city is Abilene. The people are known as Rangers.

Repoul Bensn. “Midshipman” was a title given to him through Sker scriptures, and not necessarily a form of rank. “Candidate” is the best translation, with the words “guard” and “navigator” in its deeper spiritual meanings. First mentioned: F89:209.

The Rothschilds
– Adina Katherine de Rothschild. George Nathan Emanuel Rothschild’s mother.

Ariella Isabel Rothschild. Ida Marie’s younger sister.
Claudia Huldah Rothschild. Ida Marie’s mother.

– Édouard James de Rothschild. Ida Marie’s grandfather, on her mother’s side.

– George Nathan Emanuel Rothschild. Ida Marie’s father.

Ida Marie Rothschild. Usually appears as a Robo sapiens, but also as a twenty-four-year-old young woman. Farson’s daughters call her “Idy,” (a familiarization of her first two nomenclature identifiers “ID.”) When in the form of her childhood, she is always referred to as “Ida,” or her parents’ preference “Ida Marie.” Farson also calls her Ida, which is ID>>Karo28689’s preference as well. In full combat mode she assimilated the body model ID>>Karo28690. Belnad Goethe vacillates between “Ida,” which she prefers, and ID>>Karo28689, depending on the situation.

Sam. The Chamberlains’ groundskeeper, husband of Hattie.

• Sargasso. The star of Sargasso is Ichor.

• Sargasso Two. “Two,” somewhat larger than Sargasso has a star named Medea.

• Seas of Sargasso. Knowing goes counterclockwise.

Shals t’Bu. A lieutenant commander in the Essor navy and Panau’s friend and companion.

• SkyKing. Ultimately, in Nor, it becomes ten whorls, and two million people, WhorlOne is always written as one word to memorialize the station’s beginnings.

The Solar Sails. Forty miles of micro-lines, fifty winches. F105:255

Songbird, the starship. First mentioned at S46:232

Stasis. Five hundred old Earth years to one Emerald Earth year.

Strapper John Jordan. Ian’s father.

Te-Moak Shoshone. First mentioned at I78:318. A prognosticator, Indian enactor. Modeled after a fashion model. Nasty Gal is, it seems to me, edgy in its presentation, and yet limits are observed. Very fitting for this character.

Te’sta t’ul’Dak. Panau’s twin sister.

Tom Jacobson. Karina’s father.

Twill. The first ScreenMaster of Essor, Farson’s adversary, and, at one time, Grand ScreenMaster.

• Two. The second Sargasso, larger. Powered by the star, Medea.

Uva. The second ScreenMaster of Aristealia, Uvo’s wife, and ultimately an irreplaceable friend of Farson. Her starship, Rachis, is huge (miles long), and multiples of lightspeed fast. She is an expert pilot.
Uvo. The first ScreenMaster of Aristealia, and a close friend to Farson during his ascension. Later, killed by Twill.

Viera Nichols. Dark brown eyes. She started her career in Earth Service, a military-like organization. She never had a strong relationship with her dad. She was born in Denver.

Voul Jonsn. The son of Ban, who became the King of the Skers, husband to Viera Nichols, and an important friend to Farson.

Wild. The people are known as Wilders.

William and Mary Chamberlain. Farson and Karina’s adoptive parents.

ZZ<<Arkol25609. ScreenKeeper to Farson Uiost.

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