EarthStasis. The ScreenMasters’ plan to solve the problem.

E.E. This is a time designation, like A.D. and B.C. or C.E. and B.C.E. in other eras. It means Emerald Earth and denotes the actual date for the inhabitants of Earth including the years in stasis while in captivity. There was a period when some historians referred to denoted years followed by the AF designation, which, of course, means “After Farson,” but he adamantly insisted that this be dropped, and it was. It only appears in some of the now-ancient and sacred Sker documents from those days. E.E. has been universally adopted throughout The Screen out of respect for the people who lived and evolved on that planet and who emerged on 6505 E.E. after over 4,000 years of imprisonment.

E-Lasers. Erasure pulses created to clean and protect satellites in space that later evolved into highly destructive weapons, and later gave birth to the transporter technology.

Emerald Earth. The renamed planet Earth, after a long transition, totally devoted to agriculture, arts, education, and some forms of entertainment. Known everywhere for its good food, clean atmosphere, and water, it is now peaceful, a very natural setting, and easily hosts the extremely generous export system it developed for sharing its bounty. The only social organization on Emerald Earth is that of families. People come to Emerald Earth in tribute and on pilgrimages. John Andrew McKinley Sortt is still its leader.

Emergence. The Emer ScreenMasters’ plan for reuniting the human race.

Emer ScreenMasters. Born on Emerald Earth.

Farson Uiost. Born, 2063 A.D., elevated to ScreenMaster, 2091 A.D., age 28.

Fibril Frame: The Emer ScreenMasters’ complete, metaphorical encephalonic amalgamation of the total experiences, activities, histories, mentalities, personalities, and knowledge of all 6.8 million inhabitants of Emerald Earth, which inclusively joins them all in an intimate and vital resource: It is the source of their power.

FirstLevel ScreenMaster. Perhaps the easiest to attain, this ScreenMaster level involves solving a current, somewhat minor problem affecting The Screen.

GateWay. A transfer opening to higher and higher Screen levels achieved by traversing layers of The Screen.

KeeperFrame. The sphere of protection around Emerald Earth, ever expanding.

Laso-Nuclear Exchanges. From 2077 to 2080, they disrupted all societies, especially the United States.

The Mending. Farson’s original plan to reunite Earth, SkyKing, and MoonBase as independent entities, but also it became the name Twill used for his planned Ascension to supremacy among the ScreenMasters.

Noumo  sapiens. The nomenclature adopted by the Emers to describe the evolutionary changes that they instituted for themselves. The term is based on the word ‘noumenon.’ Also called homo noumiens.

Phanta. A Screen phenomena that only the highest-level ScreenMasters have ever seen, and one that only Farson understood.

Raptus-protocols. The system of elemental conception and organization on Emerald Earth; loosely translatable as “anything goes.”

Raptus>port. A system of travel and location creation developed on Emerald Earth, based on the raptus protocols, in which individuals create original locations and travel instantly to them. The Emer world is, as they refer to it, a raptus-vivendi, meaning that the variables and substances of life are all arrangeable and malleable based on thought and understanding. In many ways the raptus protocols create highly formed illusions that in the TrueScreen become realities. Just as people through the ages lived in “dreamworlds” of their own, Emers have developed a system of life where the distinctions between realities and those “dreams” of old are entirely meaningless.

Right of Privacy. The cherished Sker postulate of organization, which allowed each individual to live as he or she sees fit within the one rule of “Do no harm.” The Skers consider it the absolute guarantee of the rights of religious freedom, and freedom from prejudice.

ScreenBorn. When a ScreenKeeper is activated.

ScreenBurn. The period of time after a repair is made and before the repair completes itself. Like a healing period. It is a period of strength because great things are happening. It is also a period of exposure because things are changing, but not yet complete.

ScreenChange. The change of an aboriginal being into a ScreenMaster. This change is not always successful or completed.

ScreenDeclension. A system where the overall control of The Screen is redivided among a new number of ScreenMasters. Previous to Farson this always meant there had been a reduction in the number of ScreenMasters. After Farson Uiost, and what came later, it sometimes was the opposite.

ScreenGlow. Another reference to a ScreenMaster’s ScreenLite. Usually lingering after departure.

ScreenGrid. The fundamental element of The Screen.

ScreenKeepers. The robots who generally accompany some ScreenMasters in their travels. The origin of the ScreenKeepers, until Farson, was unknown and unquestioned. They just were. After Farson, it was a different matter altogether. They are highly intelligent, can alter their appearance and height, are telepathic, and possess many attributes of ScreenMasters themselves.

ScreenLayers. Groups of 100 levels.

ScreenLink. A conjoining with TheScreen for travel and other things. Many ScreenMasters find the ScreenLink is a refuge.

ScreenLite. A purple hue that surrounds a ScreenMaster when he is activating his or her Screen powers.

ScreenLock. In conjunction with the Earth stasis field, The Screen concentrated around the planet and created a time lock in which the planet’s time altered while space around remained unchanged. The removal of a lock was thought possible. The Earth’s ScreenLock cycle was occasionally visible from the planet it surrounded.

ScreenMaster. Master of The Screen, able to harness and direct its power through time, existence, dimension, and space, without limit, although ScreenMasters vary in the depth and reach of these abilities. There are three types of ScreenMasters: the old ScreenMasters, those who existed before Farson; the Emer ScreenMasters, those born on Emerald Earth; and Farson and Karina and their daughters.

ScreenMend. The procedure that results in upgrading a ScreenPatch to a full, seamless repair of The Screen. Highly technical, and very unusual, in ScreenMaster terms, and accomplished only by the most advanced ScreenMasters, and even then success was never guaranteed.

ScreenPassage. A ScreenMaster’s movement on The Screen.

ScreenPatch. A temporary solution to a ScreenRent.

ScreenMoiré. A pattern discovered at Level9.96 that implied a way to slew a ScreenMaster’s passage.

ScreenRent. A cascading syndrome of destruction that begins with a small “rip” or “tear” and, if allowed to continue, eventually causes fragmentation (tearing) in The Screen and can threaten The Screen’s existence.

ScreenTear. The catastrophic effect of an unrepaired ScreenRent.

ScreenTime. Roughly 10,000 years to one Earth year.

ScreenTransit. The action of traveling on The Screen by a ScreenMaster.

ScreenTruth. Fabled among ScreenMasters, the word of The Screen itself.

ScreenWeb. A ScreenMaster’s individual aspect that moves with him through the fabric of The Screen. Highly individual in size and characteristics. In many ways a ScreenMaster’s Web is his defining signature.

Star>Day. Approximately 24 light-years.

TrueScreen. Farson’s discovery.

VentSyndrome. The final destruction of a ScreenSegment in which a ScreenTear becomes an unstoppable ScreenRip, and the substance of The Screen begins to vent as the grids dissipate. This syndrome is theorized to start a cascading of ScreenGrids that eventually will destroy everything. The theory also holds that this situation, although never seen or recorded, must never be allowed to happen. To the ScreenMasters the VentSyndrome is Armageddon.

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