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Audio Option: listen and read along This "blog" assumes that you have already acquired the information contained in all three volumes of the original trilogy: "The Rise of Farson Uiost," "Sargasso," and "The Dreams of Ida Rothschild." Some of the details that were implied or implicit in those three novels are expanded and revealed here. This blog is intended for the serious reader who understands what was intended in the first three volumes of the ScreenMaster universe when I wrote them. For example, there are some elements of human nature that are ascendant over others. But which ones are they? The raging avarice of want and power, or the guiding brilliance of knowledge's abundance and eternality? Security versus freedom? Me or us? By the time you begin reading this, a choice should have been made. If it has been, then ... welcome to Emerald Earth. If the decision has not been yet reached, then please remember, that, for you, the truths of Emerald Earth may not yet be unveiled.» Continue reading
1. An Intramission
Audio Option: listen and read along Walking on Emerald Earth before it was Emerald Earth, before everything that happened, is quite an experience. Just like the Skers, who dream of “walking under the stars,” this became my dream. To live among you, knowing what I know. Remember, I was born here. Think of it as my right of return; my right to know. There are rights that are self-evident. I believe in them. In fact, I now live in a world full of people who believe in them. It took us 300 generations to achieve all that we have. It wasn’t easy. We had to fight off the old ScreenMasters. Twice. Then we had to fight off the Geheinneons, if that’s the right way to phrase that. Then came the beautiful Nor. Then the Chagan Caan. And then, there is always us. The battle within. We have, for all of that, hewn a better way; a different kind of progress. We know that the past cannot be changed. It’s like a video tape. You can watch it. You can save it for another day. You can even live it. But you can’t change it. It’s over. » Continue reading
2. Acorns, Chestnuts, and Looking at Bagels Along the Way
AudioOption: listen and read along In the shade of a giant tree that reached up at least sixty feet, I found I was walking on acorns. I bent down and  picked a few up. Most of them still had their "hats" on, but one was losing it. The wonder of these little nuts on the ground is really only evident when one looks up to see where they came from. Then, in the awe of the beautiful tree that produces vast amounts of oxygen, soil nutrients, rich deep shade for yards and yards in all directions, and the acorns, one sees the truth. If you go back in time right now 5,256 years to the year 3240 A.D. what would you say? Could you even speak to the people there? Looking at me, you may think that I am still the same now as I always was. After all that has happened I know that is certainly not true. I am so different, so changed. My body is not my body anymore. How could it be after 7,000 years? Like Lincoln's old ax which after seven new heads and six new handles, he held up and still proclaimed it to be "the » Continue reading
3. Walking With a Gentleman
Audio Option: listen and read long The options are many. For example,  I can walk among them, or I can walk in them. In fact, I was in the gentleman. He had no idea I was there. He was talking to himself as he walked. We learned this little trick from the Geheinneons, and we learned many other things, as well. They were the innocents. Imagine what Twill would have done if he had acquired such knowledge. <<Farson, I can hear you.>> This was an attempt at humor, not a sortie into egoism, you can believe me. Twill has become so important to us that even he finds it amazing. <<From a prisoner to a pioneer, who can judge you, Twill?>> <<I can and I do.>> Anyway, the guy I’m went walking with today was talking to himself. He was talking about some group he is part of and petty politics. He was at first agitated then purposed and finally, toward the end, relaxed. He tried to whistle once and he was listening to an iTune playlist named “F2.” There were songs and podcasts, reminiscences by past » Continue reading
4. Wading Through The Waters
Audio Option: listen and read along. When you walk in an estuary, always know the tide. High is a problem; everything else is fine. It was amazing how many times he went walking at high tide. He has had to take off his shoes and socks and wade through the water. I came to realize that he liked doing it. Underneath we could feel the slimy bottom. He would slip and slide but always held his balance. He was carrying an expensive electronic device that if doused would be useless and inoperable. This only seemed to increase his determination not to turn back. It was the increased risk, but much more, it was the challenge, even in such a pedestrian circumstance. There was a certain noble courage in his actions. It was subtle but innate. He liked doing things the hard way. <<We have always loved a challenge, Farson.>> <<Too true, Belnad.>> Thinking about the things that I know are coming, I wonder how much would he have been willing to risk? Would he face the utter destruction of his world with such a  exacting attitude? Would he be willing to risk » Continue reading
5. I’ve Been Watching the Peepers Grow Up
Audio Option: listen and read long This time is such a strange, non-conforming time. It’s like being in a dust storm unable to see except in thin glimpses and even then through squinting, hurting eyes. It’s like being at a party alone, knowing no one, and not really understanding why some things are so funny and others are not, but still, oddly, enjoying it. I am enjoying it. I’ve been watching the peepers grow up. They are little amphibians, frogs really, but not in the beginning. They start out as little tiny darts in the water, silently moving among the surface shimmers in the thin light of spring’s morning. At first you may think of them as if they were just ripples pushed across the smoothness of the tidal pond, but then you see them like a flock of little dots with tails trailing, all rushing away as though expelled from a dangerous moment. They leap forward from their cover and then hesitate as safety’s distance defines itself. They wait there, hovering in the water, near the bottom, some resting on the bottom. I had the feeling they were watching me. We moved back a » Continue reading
6. When They Found My Books
Audio Option: listen and read long It was a funny thing when it happened. I had no intention of sharing them, but I did write them. A science fiction trilogy. But first let me tell you what my time travels have been like and you will see more clearly the why of things that happened. I “travel” in time only in the sense of moving, not in the sense of constantly moving. That would be a nightmare. I travel to a time and usually stay there for at least a lifetime. It takes time to figure things out. Here’s a poem I wrote on this very topic. FANTASIES IN FREEFALL by Farson Uiost Just walking along the curbs of life I drift in winds of wandering glances And sudden worlds that flash open And I go right in. Pressing a water bottle to my lips On a hot June Saturday I dream back to A kiss I remember and redream it As though she were still in my arms Young and gay. Waking in the night I feel the rush of tracers Screaming past, touching others as they go. I bend to help them with bloody hands Eyes look » Continue reading
7. I Got a Call
Audio Option: listen and read long I got a call from a guy who said, “I’ve just finished your first three books. I am going to write a review…” and I here, I interrupted him. “Positive or negative?” I asked. “Very positive,” he said, “but I think,”  and here he lowered his voice, “you are nuts.” There was a silence. “Has anyone ever said that to you?” “No,” I said, “but I’ve been waiting.” I asked him his favorite character. I do this to test them. “Farson, of course, but then who? Is that what you mean?” That was a perfect answer, and continued the conversation. Response assured. This guy was good. “Exactly,” I said. “Well then that IS a tough one. I would have to say Karina, or any of the women. They are awesome, especially Valgary (sorry, Felicity), and Brittany. Wonderwomen really. Then there’s ID>>Karo28689, Ida Marie Rothschild, and Idy, how could I choose just one of those?” I was getting the drift. So I thought of a hard one for him. “Whatever happened to the blue orb?” There was a long silence. “It has to be one of two things: either » Continue reading
8. Everything Takes Time
Audio Option: listen and read long “One shouldn’t leave this life without a sense of completion.” – Sherlock Holmes I told them. But it was hard for them to believe it, coming from an immortal (as they thought of me). I told them that I die just as they do. I told them it’s not the years you have left, it’s how much you cherish the years you have left. So, whether you’ve lived 80 years or 8,000 years, it’s still the same. It’s still being alive in a world you love. Imagine a perfect life and friends that live forever. Imagine a world where there’s no need to hide, just be yourself. Imagine a world so free that imagination is our only limit. Imagine a peace that goes on forever. Imagine that there’s no fear. But they didn’t listen. It was asking a lot. The big picture always does. Some of them heard me and turned away. Some of them ignored me. Some of them could not concentrate and didn’t notice. It was frustrating. Today, he was feeling low. He woke up tired. He read the newspaper, ate half a breakfast, did » Continue reading
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